Russian foreign trade statistics
Source: Federal Customs Service of Russia
Country: Bolivia
Mode: import
Period: Q1 2019
Product groupCost,
US dollars
08 - Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons531 157
11 - Products of the milling industry; malt; starches; inulin; wheat gluten1 866
12 - Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruits; industrial or medicinal plants; straw and fodder92 113
18 - Cocoa and cocoa preparations2 089
38 - Miscellaneous chemical products818
80 - Tin and articles thereof1 308 587
85 - Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and reproducers, and parts and accessories of such articles58